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Fuel your passion Mission


The name "Fuel Your Passion" was developed because we are all athletes. We all have a burning desire deep inside to achieve something we never dreamed possible. This is where it starts. This is where your journey begins.

With both proper fueling through nutrition and a custom coaching plan, I know together, we have the tools to help turn small, glowing embers of desire to become a more fit athlete and healthier individual, into a raging fire of success. The feeling of reaching a goal that you are so passionate about is extremely gratifying, and I would love to help you get there with a program designed to keep you happy, healthy, and in the best shape of your life.

As a coach, I believe that regardless of your current fitness level or training background, I can help you put together a manageable training schedule that meets your needs. By providing an affordable, yet customized training plan specific to your unique goals and lifestyle, your success is my success!

My experience has taught me that every athlete is a special and unique challenge, and each possesses characteristics that can assist him or her in using these wisely to reach their goals. For some, this goal may be to win a race in their age group or reach a personal record. For others, just finishing an event feeling strong and confident may be a huge success in itself. As a coach, I want to provide guidance, support, knowledge from personal experience, motivational techniques, sport specific training advice and instill a belief that together, we can truly find the balance between life and sport.

If you are looking for something different, challenging, and more effective than your current program, Fuel Your Passion can help you get there.

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Meet our coaches
Holli Finneren - Triathlon Coaching 

Holli has been an athlete since the early days where she had to keep up with her older brother on the soccer field.  She spent years of hard work and dedication honing skills, techniques, and tactics to land a college scholarship to NCAA D1 Georgia Southern University.  During her 4 years at Georgia Southern while majoring in Exercise Science/Kinesiology she began to develop a passion for fitness, nutrition, and physical well-being. Holli had no clue that Georgia Southern University would also be the birthplace of her triathlon career.  Spring of her senior year came around and the inaugural GSU Sprint Tri was going to take place in February.  On a borrowed bike, minimal swim experience and whatever Google knew about triathlon she went all in.  Despite having horrible swim techniques and not once completing a brick workout she finished as 2nd place female and became hooked on the sport. She slowly worked my way through the triathlon distances racing sprint, Olympic, 70.3, and 140.6 during the 3 years that followed.  She was self-coached throughout my first 4 years of triathlon and despite not having a good mentor was able to land many age group podiums and a couple of over-all podiums.  In 2013 she took a step back after having completed her first Ironman in 2012 to refocus and figure out what she wanted out of the sport of triathlon.  It was during this year, still as a self-coached athlete, that she began to see the potential of what she could do with more guidance and structure. In 2014 I was selected to an elite team and also began working with coach Kim.  She PR'd every distance raced in 2014 and learned more than she ever thought possible about racing, training, recovery, nutrition etc.  Adding a coach to her already determined, dedicated, and passionate personality has been exponentially beneficial.  In 2014 she finished 6th in her AG at IMLP and topped off the season with an AG Championship at Augusta 70.3.  She has continued working with coach Kim ever since and has achieved her goals of qualifying and racing at the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

While at GSU she majored in Exercise Science and Kinesiology - graduating with honors and as the classes Outstanding Exercise Science major of the year.  She holds a minor in psychology, focusing on the psychology of coaching and psychology of sport.  As a college athlete, she learned the benefit of working with a sport psychologist during her career and knows just how valuable training the brain can be.

Upon graduating from GSU she started working towards my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at The George Washington University.  She graduated as a DPT in 2012 and has been working in outpatient sports medicine clinics in Washington, DC ever since.  It is this education that gives her a special ability to return athletes to sport after injury safely.


Holli holds a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certification and has been successfully coaching athletes towards all distances of triathlon finish lines since 2015.  Combining her passion for triathlon, competition and academic background as an exercise kinesiologist and Doctor of Physical Therapy Holli is excited to begin coach with Fuel Your Passion.



"Holli successfully coached me to the finish line of two IRONMAN races (Vineman and Florida) as well as two HIM as part of my training. My workouts were strategic and structured, ensuring I stayed healthy and strong throughout the 5 months. Holli is very easy to work with and truly cares about your success as an athlete. Highly recommend working with her, she knows what she is doing!" -Brooke Daniels

Let's Get Started

The services we provide include unlimited email and phone support as well as a fully customized training program for any race distance based on your racing and/or fitness goals. Also included in the program is advice on all aspects of triathlon training and racing such as nutrition, race strategy and how to recover properly between workouts and races. We make it a requirement that my athletes contact me on a regular basis and keep an open line of communication. When an athlete enters Fuel Your Passion program, we must first establish goals and begin to plan for the entire season or year.

How it works?

  • Initial Athlete Start-up Forms: First the athlete will fill out an extensive questionnaire that will give me an idea of the athlete's current athletic fitness level and training history, family and employment commitments, past injuries, equipment, training facility information, etc.

  • Telephone or Face to Face Consultation: Following initial communication, we will have a telephone conversation or if practical, a face to face conversation to discuss the information gathered and plan the upcoming season. I feel that for an athlete to get the most out of the program, it's important for a coach to get to know each and every one of their athletes on a personal level.

  • The Training Plan: The athlete will receive a detailed training schedule typically in bi-weekly blocks. This will include customized workouts which include target heart rates for each particular workout and session.

    • Each weekly plan is broken down into individual day to day session plans that can be expanded to see the whole workout.

    • Each workout box also has the capacity for you to upload from your GPS or power device to compare performance over time and for the coach to review your progress relative to your program.

  • Adjustments to the Plan: As the season progresses, adjustments are made to the plan and tailored for each and every athlete.

  • Communication: Communication between coach and athlete is critical. The more I know about your energy level, post workout comments, and training load, the better precise adjustments can be made to your program. I suggest that contact via email be made at least once per week to comment on the week's training as a whole. Telephone calls are held on an as needed basis and on an agreed upon schedule between the coach and athlete. Athlete feedback during the process is an essential component to success.



  • Coaching fee payment must be made in advance of receiving initial training plan and the minimum training plan is for a duration of 3 months.

  • Fee's are paid monthly either online through PayPal or by check.

  • Contact Fuel Your Passion today for pricing information.

The time is now! Make the commitment to yourself and enlist a professional to help you get there!

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