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Enlighten, Energize, Empower  

We all face challenges that are unique and individual throughout our days, weeks and lifetimes.  What distinguishes us from others is how we address these challenges and overcome the mental barriers that can limit our potential to achieve success.  Whether you’re trying to change your lifestyle to become more fit and healthy, or achieve business success, the way you address these challenges depends on your individual perception and plan of action.

Feeling more energized, fit and healthy doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.  After learning more about some of the pitfalls and common misguided myths about healthy eating and exercise, your audience will feel more confident in their ability to make positive choices that impact their energy, motivation, and commitment.  Understanding how the components of a healthy life fit together can impact every aspect of our lives including our productivity, relationships and sense of well-being.  When we feel more confident in our ability to make good choices and shape our health destiny  the ripple effect across the rest of our lives is swift and powerful.

Through a series of fun and interesting stories, thought provoking questions, and motivational videos, Kim will transform the way you think about your health and give you the tools to make your body and mind work together in a way that impacts your life and the lives of those around you.  Let me tailor a customized presentation to engage and enlighten your audience that they will be talking about for months to come! 

Client List

Idaho Dairy Council

American College of Sports Medicine  

Montana, Iowa, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Arkansas Dietetic Associations, Keynote 

Marine Corps Marathon, First Timers Pep Rally 

IDEA Fitness Conferences

California University of Pennsylvania

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Clarion United Way Keynote Speaker

Child Nutrition Industry Conference

School Nutrition Association National Conference 

Keystone High School Commencement Speaker 

Food and Nutrition Annual Conference

What I'm Talking About Now

  • Whole Foods Vs. Sports Nutrition Products:  Hype Vs. Reality

  • Women's Nutrition Throughout the Lifecycle

  • Nutrition For Healthy Aging: Evidence Based Strategies to Turn Back the Clock

  • Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

  • Live Your Dreams:  Your Best Life Starts NOW! 

“Kim’s motivational, friendly style not only encourages audiences to improve nutrition, she also shares her personal backstory; the unceasing effort and vision she maintained to build her career from square one to accomplish her athletic, professional and personal goals.”  - Deb Sagan, M.Ed.

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