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A New chapter

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

I wasn't sure how I would feel when the race season started, but surprisingly I don't think much about it (other than when my good friends are racing!). I've been immersed in my own projects and I've only felt a slight twinge of missing the start lines of early season racing thus far! It's amazing to think about how I ever fit training in with all the responsibilities of life, but as I know from my amazing Fuel Your Passion athletes, where there's a will, there's a way!

Teaching as an assistance college professor at Clarion is going exceptionally well. I find it challenging on multiple levels, which I actually love. Finding new ways to reach and engage the students to help them understand real-life situations where nutrition can have an amazing impact is fun and exciting. I can't believe we are nearing the end of the Spring semester already. I spend all my time when not teaching either attempting to work out like the rest of the world for 45 minutes a day, with a couple days of strength training, hanging with Emma and Kyle, coaching or speaking. That's plenty!

In other exciting news, FYP is welcoming Holli Finneren as a new coach joining our team! She is motivated, inspiring, driven and has many years of experience as a triathlete. She made her Kona debut in the fall of 2017 where she had a solid day despite the always harsh conditions of the big island! She has been an athlete of mine for the last five years where I've seen her grow and becoming more confident in her training and racing strategies. She's currently coaching four athletes and is available to take additional triathletes and runners. If you would like to see if she's a good fit, read more about her on the coaching services page, her blog, TRI DREAMING and/or reach out to me at to set up a call with her!

Speaking of coaching, with my somewhat limited ability to take on athletes at this stage of the game, Fuel Your Passion has expanded with a fabulous new coach, Holli Finneren! You can read more about her under the "coaching services" tab of this new fancy website that I designed MYSELF. It was a labor of love, but I'm so happy with the results now that I am on the other side and I can edit it 100% myself, which is huge!! Back to Holli, if you live in the DC area, you already may know her. She's had a wonderful career as a triathlete and made her first Kona appearance in 2017 with a solid showing in the always harsh conditions on the island. She is driven, passionate and loves working with athletes. She's been coaching on her own for about two years, and I've recently asked her to join the fray here at FYP! Please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in seeing if you may be a match to work with Holli, either remotely or in the DC area!

Riding the Queen K in Kona 2017

On another note, I wanted to give a long overdue shout out to one of my sponsors throughout my career, Coeur Sports. I loved racing in my kit during all the years I was with them and I even outfitted my team in their kits as well! It was beautiful, distinct and did not chaff, which was KEY. Couer Sports was only ONE of the companies that grew with me as I trained and competed in triathlon, and I appreciate all of them. Now, I have at least ten different kits that I will not be wearing except for an occasional ride here or there, and they are better served going to someone new in the sport! I had to take a few pictures just to document some of my favorites before I let them go!! I want to say another thank you Coeur for supporting me, believing in me and for making exceptional gear that not only fits women, but builds them up and encourages them to be great no matter their age, race, size or sport! They are the best!!

Ironman Mont Tremblant was a great day that I will never forget from the 2017 season!

I had Emma help me model some of my oldie but goodie Coeur kits from years past! She was willing, which isn't always the case! These will be moving on to a good home with a young women just getting started in triathlon and if you know anyone else that is in need (and that is a size small), please let me know via email or my contact form below.

Emma is growing so quickly and we are learning new words and phrases every day! Last night she said "architect" which was a big word for a girl turning two in August. It's such an exciting age! She's testing our limits and patience, but we know that's part of learning boundaries.

Look for more updates in the near future as I'll be out of school for the summer and just coaching and loving life with Emma!! I can't wait!! Let me know how you like the new website. I started building it over the Christmas break and finally finished it over spring break. It was a labor of love, but I'm so thankful it's done and I can update it 100% myself. It was worth the 30 plus hours I spent on it! Have a great day!

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