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Kim Schwabenbauer, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, is a registered dietitian, professor, consultant, speaker and triathlon coach in the Pittsburgh area with an emphasis in overall health, wellness and sports nutrition.  She has over sixteen years of experience in the nutrition field and has successfully coached hundreds of athletes to make positive changes and achieve their dreams both on and off the race course.  Speaking to empower others and change the face of the nutrition landscape "fuels her passion" to teach, inspire and share her knowledge daily. 


“Kim Schwabenbauer is the perfect mix of nutrition expert and athlete and she brings this skill to her presentations to both dietitians and fitness professionals. In a sea of presentations heavy with research and statistics, Kim has mastered the art of making the science practical and useful with takeaways that can strengthen all types of nutrition educators’ knowledge. What’s more, she makes the content engaging – when you look around the room, attendees are hanging on every word and taking lots of notes. She’s exactly what you want when you go to a professional conference.”           – Shelley Johnson, RD Beef Council

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“I was fortunate enough to have gleaned some of Kim’s wisdom in the world of sports nutrition by sitting in on one of her speaking events not long ago.  Being an RD myself, I understand the concepts of nutrition, but felt Kim was able to balance the difficult task of speaking to those with no nutrition background while still engaging with and teaching new concepts to the dietitian-minded folks in the room. She's excellent!”

-Kyle Kamp, Valley To Peak Sports Nutrition

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